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Let's start with basic and custom common commands

Server custom commands:

  • /commands  :     Directs you in this commands page
  • /rules  :     Directs you in rules page
  • /help  :     Teleports you at help room
  • /assistant  :     Calling your Personal Assistant
  • /getcash  :      Shows you the methods you can make in game money
  • /benative  :     Shows you the steps you must follow to be [Native]
  • /discord  :     Directs you in this commands page
  • /store , /donate  :     Directs you in our Discord server
  • /hub  :     Teleports you at main hub of the server (aka spawn)
  • /nether  :     Teleports you at nether world spawn
  • /end  :     Teleports you at end world spawn

Now lets learn some of commands & info for each Rank


  • /vote , /votetop :     /vote shows you the votelinks , /votetop the top voters!
  • /wild , /rtp :     Randomly teleports you into main world!
  • /bal , /balance  :     Shows you your own balance!
  • /baltop  :     Shows you the players with top balance categorised!
  • /sethome (1)  :     As [Traveller] you can have only 1 home!
  • /home  :     Teleports you at your home!
  • /delhome :     Deleting a home!
  • /msg  :     Sends mail to another player even offline!
  • /list  :     List of online players/staff
  • /warp  :     /warp (warpname) teleports you to specific warp
  • /warps  :     Shows you the warp list!
  • /kits  :     Coming soon!


  • If you want to be Native type /benative
  • As native you taking the permission for: Player shop Access (Create,Buy,Sell) (15 Shops) (use /ushops tutorial)
  • /pay  :     Sending payment ammount to another player!
  • /sethome (2 homes)  :     As [Native] you can have 2 homes!
  • /buywarp  :     Setting your own warp for your shop or project (follow guide)!
  • /tpa , /tpahere  :     Teleport to player & teleport another player to you!
  • /tpacancel , /tpdeny :     Both can be used for tpa cancel!


  • If you want to be Citizen you must be at least 15 days vaniland player & you are already [Native]
  • /sethome (3 homes) :     As [Citizen] you can have 3 homes!
  • More shops & perms :     Coming soon!


  • Expert test's are not started yet.
  • /nick :    With this command you can change your ingame name! +Color change
  • /sethome (7 homes) :    As [Expert] you can have 7 homes!
  • /co i :    Inspect grief , so you can help with finding who did the grief & report it!
  • As expert you taking the permission for:
    Being Notified for warns
    Being Notified for bans

Your transition to expert marks the possibility of you being a future staff member on this server

Here are some examples

Create your own Shop
( /ushops tutorial )

Start Quest & make money
( Right click on NPC )

I hope I was useful to you! I want you to know that we are still in BETA VERSION

Commands Page
is available
only from Desktop
we working hard to release it & in mobile version